About David
Recipient of the Royal Lepage 2015 Directors Platinum Award, David has always been passion that has helped him succeed at the property game
His ranking among the top 5% of realty professionals in Canada was achieved by mastering the ins-and outs of Real Estate as well as by consistently delivering a very high level of service. As such, he has successfully grown his presence both in the industry and among peers.
David has also intrinsically understood the importance of knowing his clients and knowing his neighbourhoods. Eaely on he recognized that real estate was more of a partnership between his clients and himself and saw the value in building solid relationships. By getting to know his clients on a personal level, he is better able to understand their needs and in turn to deliver the listings that check off every box.
David also recognizes the inherent excitement and stress involved in the home-buying/selling process and so he strives to get properties on and off the market as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Him aim is always to streamline and facilitate the experience while heightening the excitement and lessening the stress.
David's clients appreciate his „Will do!“ attitude as well as his fierce loyalty and his fast responses to any of their needs. In turn, his clients show their gratitude by sending him referrals and by naming him a „Favored Realtor.“
David lives with his wife and children in Cold Creek Estates, Vaughan. He enjoys challenging himself with home improvement & building projects as well as cruising in his classic 1979 Austin Mini.

Client Care Associate /
Bob Wu is an integral part of the David Eccles0 team . As our Client Care Associate , Wu's in-depth IT knowledge along with his excellent interpersonal skills and his native understanding of Chinese traditions and customs are very important when helping serve our Asian clients.
Born in Beijing, China, Wu has been living in Vaughan , Ontario with his family since 1999. Starting out as an IT lead in Fortune 500 companies, WU eventually found his niche as a Chinese interpreter and client care associate. Thorough in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Wu uses his highly specialized communication skills and recent knowledge of the immigration process to help newly arrived Chinese clients navigate through the ever-changing real estate market.
Providing solid advice on everything from adjusting to a new culture to how to find the right home, Wu's expertise is an invaluable tool.

Mortgage Professionals
Joseph Trimboli is a 17-year veteran of the mortgage business and embodies the integrity, honesty and unbiased assistance that have made him the go-to man for many top professionals. Always thorough in his assessments, Trimboli will unfailingly highlight any issues a client might face and will provide constructive advice on how to mitigate those challenges, so, our clients always end up with the safest and most secure options for their situation.
Our team deals exclusively with Trimboli as we can trust that he is providing our clients with the most honest and unbiased advice available.His high standards and his devotion to his clients has him often going dar beyond what other brokers would offer and makes avery transaction smooth and consistent.
Top Agent Magazine recently recognized and honoured Trimboli's contribution to the industry with a feature spread. You can read more about him there : http://www.topagentmagazine.com/top-mortgage-professional-in-canada-joseph-trimboli/

Joseph Trimboli , AMP                                                                              Direct 416-319-5626
Mortgage Agent – M08009293                                                               joe@mymortgagematters.com
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